Mental Health

The One Thing That Will Keep Your Mind Positive & Focused During A Stressful Time

Have you ever found yourself slipping into a negative mindset? Not because you dislike your current life, but because you are so focused on the future? Many women can attest to experiencing this feeling that comes with future-minded thinking. Ever since I was little, I have prided myself on having a positive outlook on life. However, I keep finding myself…

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3 Simple Things That Will Change Your Perspective From Negative To Positive

John Steinbeck once wrote “The final weapon is the brain; all else is supplemental,” suggesting the unappreciated power our mind has over our thoughts and actions. From the time I got married in May of 2014, there was a different theme present in my life. My first couple years of marriage (from ages 22-24) were marked by learning to love…

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