Hi friends, it’s been a while! I’ve missed the Monday club, but hope you enjoyed the Christmas devotionals we did in December. 

Today, I have a quick story I want to share with you. So cozy up with your cup of coffee, or maybe lean back in your office chair, or put your headphones in to block out the kids for a few minutes. 

There once was a young man who wanted to be an army chaplain. He was on fire for God and wanted to serve his country, so he made the plan to enlist. 

In 1944, he applied but was quickly rejected into the army chaplaincy program because he was underweight. 

But his mind was made up. He wanted to be an army chaplain, so he did the only thing he could: he decided that he would start working to gain weight. 

He was granted an extension from the military to gain weight, and after working hard to do so, he finally gained the necessary weight, only to come down the with mumps. 

This disease kept him from going to chaplaincy school and doing what he thought was what was best. 

During his recovery from mumps, he was approached by an evangelist, who asked him to help organize and participate in youth rallies across North America, and eventually to Europe. 

Instead of going to Europe as an army chaplain, this young man went as an evangelist. 

The man who wanted to be an army chaplain? Well, he turned out to be the greatest evangelist we have seen, Billy Graham. 

Going into a new year can be intimidating, but it is also a time to reflect. As someone that doesn’t necessarily partake in resolutions, but thrives off of goals, it’s a time where I look back and try to think about how I can improve going forward. 

One thing that I am focusing on this year is not dwelling on what I think should have been, but what God used for His glory. 

There have been times where I have been turned down from jobs I thought I had in the bag, or times where I lost a friendship I truly cared about or the times I have experienced heartache.

More than once (a week) I find myself questioning a decision I made, but even more frequently I start to question God’s motives with things. 

You, too, might be questioning: 

Why did I not get that job? 
Why did that boy not like me back? 
Why did that college not think I was good enough?
Why did “A” happen and not “B” as I planned? 

Part of the reason I love the backstory to Billy Graham because it reminds me that God always has our best plan in mind. We might want one thing to happen, but God knows if the other thing does, we will move closer and closer to Him and His will for our lives. 

As we go into this new year, remind yourself that God always has your best intentions in mind.

When He gives you a “yes” this year, praise Him. 
When He gives you a hard and incredibly difficult “no,” continue to praise Him. 

I’m excited to see what this year will hold. As always, the inbox is open for prayer. 

With you, 
P.S. Read Psalm 1 this week! 

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