lindsay fuce

(Lindsay Fuce) Founder and managing editor of Ezer Magazine 

My name is Lindsay and I am a whole lot of everything (& a slightly obvious enneagram 3).

I’m not great at keeping an aesthetic on Instagram, I’m one of the clumsiest people I know, and I struggle with the same problems each and every day of my life. Quality time keeps me going, and getting to know the intricate details of others lives [while keeping mine on the DL] is my favorite.

I spend my days bopping in and out of coffee shops, enjoying a medium cappuccino (with one sugar in the raw), while writing away.

By day I am a freelance writer. My day-to-day ranges from working on this magazine to dabbling in advertising copy as well as more journalistic pieces.

By night I am a hardcore wellness-addict and formal foodie. I grew up with autoimmune issues that set the trajectory of my life, leading me to a world of holistic medicine that I would have never placed myself in.

When I'm not writing, messing with social media analytics, or creating a new email campaign, she can be found in a cycling class, trying out a new recipe, or hanging out with her large (crazy) extended family.

Want to stay in contact? You can find me on:




Or my personal website: lindsayfuce.com.