Music is healing.

It brings peace, calm, excitement, energy and relaxation.

It can make your commute home feel like a party or create an atmosphere of peace when you’re winding down in your bathtub.

It livens us. It moves us.

Our minds and our bodies are moved to the sounds of music. We are enveloped in its rhythms and captured by its words.

Time seems to stop when we hear our favorite songs as we sing and dance along to our hearts content. 

When life gets difficult, we turn to our playlists and favorite stations to give us hope and comfort us through our struggles. Moments when we feel like giving up, we ‘turn up’ the volume to sing over our situations and heal the brokenness in our hearts.

We find the strength we’re looking for in the lyrics sung by our favorite artist and the notes from the strings of the guitar. God can be found there. Our hope can be found there. 

When situations in our lives overwhelm us, finding songs of hope that we can personally relate to may be hard to find. Here are some songs specifically for the moments when you need to hear the love and tenderness of God’s voice the most.

Journal by Casey J

Do It Again by Elevation Worship ft. Travis Greene & Kierra Sheard

Echo by Elevation Worship ft. Tauren Wells

Resurrecting by Elevation Worship

See a Victory by Elevation Worship

In Awe by Hollyn

God is Good by Jonathan McReynolds

Free by Kierra Sheard

God Sees You by Shanta Atkins

You Are Loved by Stars Go Dim

Known by Tauren Wells

Good & Loved by Travis Green ft. Stefani Gretzinger

The Cure by Unspoken

Praise Break by William Murphy

I Ain’t Done by Andy Mineo

Are there any songs that you listen to when you are feeling down? Please share them with us in the comments!